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It has been over a year since we have updated our website. This is not because we have disappeared, or stopped doing our work. Actually, it is BECAUSE we have not disappeared or stopped doing our work.


Yggdrasil Urban Wildlife Rescue is still a 100% volunteer-run and donation-funded grassroots organization. Since losing our facility back in 2011, our volunteer staff has shrunk but the need to provide wildlife rehabilitation has increased. Thus we have been forced to prioritize how we spend our time. Unfortunately, updating the website is a lesser priority than triaging wildlife in trouble. We apologize for this reality, and thank you for your patience and support of our work.


Despite not updating the website, we have continued to take photos of our wildlife patients. Here are a few photos of last year’s and this year’s orphaned wildlife:


Copyright YUWR 2014


Copyright YUWR 2014


Injured baby squirrel taking a therapeutic hot water soak. Copyright YUWR 2014


Hummingbird nest replaced in a tree after being cut down by tree trimmers. Reunited with mother. Copyright YUWR 2014


orphaned Red Fox Kit Copyright YUWR 2014


Copyright YUWR 2014

copyright MARISSA ROCKE http://www.marissarocke.com/R-E-S-C-U-E-D

copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com

Greener Pastures-25_o

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copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com


copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com


copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com

copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com

copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com

copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com

copyright Marissa Rocke http://www.marissarocke.com

Squirrels-24_o Squirrels-39_o

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Sorry we have not updated the Blog in some time.
We have been in the midst of the busiest time.
Spring and Summer brings us many orphaned babies and injured mamaswith young.
Very soon many of our spring babies will be able to be released and we will have more time for posting photos and stories!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Happy New Year everyone!

Sping is coming soon and that means wildlife in need.

We are busy preparing for the spring season by readying our facility, checking our supplies, and calling all volunteers.

If you are interested in signing up for our foster team, now is the time.

Call me for a private training class or sign up for a group class when we post one.

We hope to hear from you:)



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For those of you who frequent our blog to read about our latest wildlife patients, we apologize for the wide gap in staying current. The person who manages our blog was in a car accident at the end of April 2007 and was unable to update, due to health issues.

Thank you for your patience!
I will be attempting to summarize the remaining months of wildlife patients and adding photos in the next few days.

-Lila Travis

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January was busy with organization and cleaning to prepare for the oncoming 2007 season. In the midst of this, we had several injured animals come in for care. Amongst these was a young Red Tailed Hawk…

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December was a busy month at the wildlife center.
The weather has been so odd that we never really had the winter slowdown we are accustomed to and need to recharge our batteries. We still had juvenile squirrels and other animals we were caring for who were late-season babies and we received many injured adults.

Mid December, the One Brick organization came back to help. It was a rainy day and despite the foul weather, many came up to fold brochures and newsletters and do general cleaning.

Late in December, thanks to the rain and a hidden ongoing problem, our sewer pipe backed up again.

We wish to express many thanks to the City Inspector, Mr Washington, and the 2 plumbing companies who worked with us to repair this problem in a timely manner.

Beyond Plumbing came out and videotaped the sewer line. Thank you Beyond Plumbing!

H&R Plumbing did the actual repair of the broken pipeline. They donated all the materials and labor for this project and replaced a section of sewer line that was broken and full of logs and dirt.

Apparently this had been an ongoing problem for over 6 years, before we moved onto this property. We are pleased that it has now been resolved and so grateful to Mr Washington, the City of Oakland inspector, for his patience and flexibility working with us, and to Beyond plumbing for videotaping the sewer line, and to H&R Plumbing for all their hard work repairing the problem.

Without your help we would not have been able to get this done! Thank you all!

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Things are finally slowing down here at the wildlife center.
The occasional late-year babies or injured adults are still coming in, but nothing like what it was. There is room to breathe and think about the next step: Releasing the wildlife who have shown they are ready.

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Thank you all for your patience with the staff here at YUWR over the last several months. It has been quite busy here with various events and dramas as well as an extreme number of orphaned wildlife in need. Below I will attempt to update you all, according to month, on the goings-on.



Formerly known as “Christmas in April”, “Rebuilding Together: Oakland” accepted our application for their 2006 non-profit facility grant to enlarge and develop our wildlife center!

The wonderful staff at RTO, together with Pulte Homes, spent 3 weeks in April building stairs and creating an education area at the bottom of the 1/3 acre property, so that we have full access to all the lower caging and animals in recovery. Previously, our staff had to walk/slide down the hillside to get to our cages.

Now we have stairs – a much safer prospect, especially in the rainy season. Pulte Homes and

RTO also replaced the carpet in our hospital with sterile linoleum and installed a sink to facilitate better sanitary conditions in the isolation ward.

A full article will be published in our winter newsletter, thanking everyone individually. In the meantime, YUWR would like to thank all the companies who donated materials, labor, and ideas to this renovation project. Specifically, Rachel Matthews, Paul Radliff, Anders Schmidt.

And…Thank you to our YUWR volunteers who stayed up til 5am various nights doing prep work, painting, and packing boxes. Thank you all.


In the midst of the RTO April Project, we were blessed with a first for YUWR.
A 5 day old fawn was dropped off at the Oakland Animal Shelter.

Seems she was found at a rest stop while traveling through Marin County and driven all the way to Oakland! The staff of YUWR, in cooperation with Wildcare and their Fawn Expert Suzie Sasso, raised this little female fawn and a companion from Wildcare, for the first 6 weeks of their lives before transferring them to the Fawn Rehab facility in Marin.

The director would like to express her extreme gratitude to “Pot of Soup” and “Bombadil”, the two fawns, for helping to put things in perspective and being constant reminders of the beauty in the world, while she was in the middle of coping with the sudden illness and subsequent death from cancer of her father, William Talcott, in early June.

“We may save these animals but they, in turn, save us when the need arises. “


Mercifully slow months for the Wildlife Center. We had a few baby skunklets and the odd squirrel as well as the fawns to care for.

June and July were spent coping with the death in the family and caring for these orphaned and injured wildlife. Baby tree squirrels were supposed to come in but none came. We found this odd, especially since the spring baby wave was extremely light as well. We did receive in 8 baby Ca. Ground squirrels.

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The Baby tree Squirrel wave has turned into a Tsunami!

Things were mercifully slow in early summer, while I adjusted to the death of my father. Baby squirrels usually would have been pouring in, come June. However, for one reason or another, the wave waited til the end of August and the beginning of September. We have been inundated!! In a 2 week period we have received over 30 babies and are now up to 43 nursing little ones!

The call for volunteers is out there.
We need people to come feed babies!!
If you are interested, call us at 510-421-9897 or email. Thanks

Photo courtesy of George Song. Thank you, George

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I want to apologize for not updating the blog in several months.

I regret to inform you that, due to the illness and death of my father, I have been unable to update the blog.

I promise to update in the next few weeks.
I have fawns and skunklets and steller jay babies to write about.

Thank you so much for your patience.