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Our wildlife center has been helping wildlife and human citizens of our surrounding cities for the last 10 years. We have saved thousands of animals in trouble, inspired thousands of children, and helped thousands of people having problems with wildlife. We are still 100% volunteer-run and donation-funded, still grassroots after all these years. We are the ONLY wildlife rehabilitation & education center in the Oakland/Berkeley area.

Now, ten years into this, our wildlife center is a vital community resource. But we are being evicted from the property we have operated on for the last 6 years. The owner has taken the property off the rental market and has asked us to leave.

The GOOD News is….

There is a piece of property for sale here in Oakland which would be the PERFECT place for the wildlife center. It is 2/3rd of an Acre of flat, beautiful, forested land. Plenty of land for our pre-release enclosures, plenty of quiet, beautiful field for our fawns to run in, our squirrels and raccoons to learn to climb trees in. But we need your help to get it.

We have found the PERFECT property to relocate our wildlife center to but it is selling as a “cash-only” sale. We have launched a fund-raising effort but still need to raise $125,000 in order to buy the property outright.

  • We are looking for tax-deductible donations or matching funds to help us during this crisis. However, we are not just looking for money.
  • We are also looking for someone who supports our work who might be willing to privately finance the purchase of this property by providing us with a bridge loan.

Thank you for your support and with your help, we can SAVE OUR WILDLIFE CENTER!

Please, if you want to be involved in any way or have suggestions, call me at 510-547-9897 or email me at lila@yuwr.org

Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance.


Lila Travis

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Coming Soon

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A Wonderful article was written about Y.U.W.R in the May 2008 edition of Vision Magazine.

You can see it online at http://www.visionmagazine.com/archives/0805/human_rights.html

Or see the full photo version in their magazine, found all over Berkeley and some places in Oakland.

Special Thanks to Noelle Robbins for writing this great piece!

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Please enjoy this article which appeared in the garden section of the San Francisco Chronicle on December 12th, 2007.

San Francisco Chronicle article

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Oakland Magazine has an article about our wildlife center in their January edition. Please check it out by picking up an Oakland Magazine, or visiting their website to read the story at:

Oakland Magazine Article

Thank you to Noelle Robbins, the author, and Oakland Magazine for their interest and support!

If you found your way to our website from either of the two recent articles about us, we would love to hear from you.

Interested in volunteering?
We are looking for dedicated people tobe trained in foster care for urban wildlife. Classes are beginning at the end of january. Please contact us via email or by phone to let us know you are interested and check back at our blog for a schedule of classes.

Thank you!

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Thank you to EVERYONE who wrote letters, called, and spread the word against the crushing of the squirrels in Cuesta Park in Mountain View.

For those of you just reading this, the squirrels in a park in mountain view had become accustomed to being fed by humans in the park and when this summer’s juveniles started dispersing from Mom’s nest, in their angst they became grab-by and insistent with people, jumping into strollers for cookies stored there, and biting fingers – which look like Peanuts. The result was an alarmist response, saying that the squirrels were aggressive and attacking people. A 4-year old child was forced to get unnecessary and painful rabies shots even though Tree Squirrels don’t transmit rabies to humans (Check out the http://www.cdc.gov/ for verification of this fact!).

Well, here is the latest on the Mountain View Squirrels. A reprieve, for now….

Mountain View relents on plan to kill aggressive squirrels
Associated Press
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – City officials are relenting on a plan to trap and kill aggressive squirrels that have been attacking humans in a popular park.

The city does not have any immediate plans to arm the steel traps placed in the trees at Cuesta Park two weeks ago, David Muela, the city’s community services director, said Friday.

The city previously said it had no choice but to kill the squirrels after three people – including a 4-year-old boy – were bitten inside the park.

The animals were jumping inside baby strollers, opening food bags and even scratching people giving them handouts including a steady diet of muffins and leftover children’s treats, officials said.

The city hired a pest-control company to set the tube traps, which would crush the squirrels while keeping them from public view.

However, there have been no new attacks since a no-food zone was declared around the children’s play area, park ranger patrols were increased, and a public education program was launched, Muela said.

“People seem to be getting the message,” he said.

The plan to kill the squirrels caused an outcry from animal lovers, who bombarded City Hall with hundreds of letters, phone calls and e-mails.

Animal rights groups also complained, with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals warning the city it could be vulnerable to lawsuits if endangered wildlife were also killed.

Muela said the city is still exploring its options and has not ruled out arming the traps if the attacks start again.

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We did our first neighborhood fund-raising/volunteer fair this month.
We received a lot of interest and a good amount of donations.
If only we could do these more often!

The Solano Avenue Stroll is a neighborhood street fair. We had a booth with our informational boards as well as flyers and volunteer-sign-up sheets. We offered photographs of wildlife as well as funny squirrel mugs and rainbow-makers in exchange for donations.

We are restructuring our volunteer orientation program to get new people in here as soon as possible and hope to have an orientation up within the next 2 weeks. We also want to post a messag eboard here on our website to encourage group conversation among volunteers. We shall see how this goes… The Message board is posted at: http://yuwr.proboards61.com/

Thank you to all those at the fair who supported us by making a donation and/or signing up on our volunteer sheets.

Thank you to Janie Barnes for initiating our participation.

Thank you to Dr. Alex Devigal, DDS, for sponsoring our booth at the fair.

Thank you to Sasha McGowen, and her friends, who volunteered their time to paint faces to raise donations, and who stayed on with an interest in regular volunteering!

Thank you also to the volunteers who came out to give me a hug, bring me food and drink, and make sure I was able to take bathroom breaks throughout the day 🙂

We are still on the lookout for a fund-raiser / grantwriter to help keep this operation operating.

Also, if you were at the fair and received or newsletter, please sign up and shop at Albertson’s or with eScript. It costs you a few minutes of your time and earns funding for us. Thank you