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Our wildlife center has been helping wildlife and human citizens of our surrounding cities for the last 10 years. We have saved thousands of animals in trouble, inspired thousands of children, and helped thousands of people having problems with wildlife. We are still 100% volunteer-run and donation-funded, still grassroots after all these years. We are the ONLY wildlife rehabilitation & education center in the Oakland/Berkeley area.

Now, ten years into this, our wildlife center is a vital community resource. But we are being evicted from the property we have operated on for the last 6 years. The owner has taken the property off the rental market and has asked us to leave.

The GOOD News is….

There is a piece of property for sale here in Oakland which would be the PERFECT place for the wildlife center. It is 2/3rd of an Acre of flat, beautiful, forested land. Plenty of land for our pre-release enclosures, plenty of quiet, beautiful field for our fawns to run in, our squirrels and raccoons to learn to climb trees in. But we need your help to get it.

We have found the PERFECT property to relocate our wildlife center to but it is selling as a “cash-only” sale. We have launched a fund-raising effort but still need to raise $125,000 in order to buy the property outright.

  • We are looking for tax-deductible donations or matching funds to help us during this crisis. However, we are not just looking for money.
  • We are also looking for someone who supports our work who might be willing to privately finance the purchase of this property by providing us with a bridge loan.

Thank you for your support and with your help, we can SAVE OUR WILDLIFE CENTER!

Please, if you want to be involved in any way or have suggestions, call me at 510-547-9897 or email me at lila@yuwr.org

Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance.


Lila Travis

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