26. March 2006 · Comments Off on WORK DAY at the WILDLIFE CENTER · Categories: Thank Yous, The Rescue Life

Today was a very productive day at our wildlife center.
We met new volunteers and were reunited with ongoing volunteers.

We FINALLY got one of the new squirrel pens even closer to being functional with a new fresh bed of level soil inside the retaining wall frame, and concrete around the posts. New nestboxes were built, cages and dishes were cleaned, brush was cleared….

It was a good day.

Thank you to David and Mike for driving far, far away, early in the morning to haul dirt.

Thanks to Paul for providing the dirt and the bulldozer.

Thanks to Slade and Manuel and Santiago, for providing even MORE dirt and also concrete blocks, and for performing the grueling task of hauling all the soil down the hillside and into the cage.

Thank you to Galen for pouring cement and digging post holes (and for those Wonderful Strawberries! )

Thank you to Jim for going up and down the slope, cleaning brush and hauling it away!

Thank you to Leslie B. for building 2 wonderful squirrel nest-boxes!

Thank you to Angela M. for cleaning cages and clearing brush and designing our new intake sheets!

Thank you to Leanna for cleaning animal dishes, making sandwiches and clearing brush.

Thank you to Helene for signing on as a new volunteer with many ideas on how to get more support!

Thank you to our neighbors for their ongoing patience with juggling cars on this narrow cul-de-sac.

Thank you to Richard for lugging dirt, cement, lumber and more up and down the slope (for days) and a BIG thanks for sweeping the mud out of the carpet, which inevitably gets tracked inside, after these events.

Our thoughts are with the volunteers who wanted to be here today but were unable to due to their housefire early Sunday morning. We are so grateful no one was hurt.

There is still TONS to do. If you want to help, PLEASE contact me and we can set up another workday!

I thank you, but more importantly, the orphaned wildlife who will learn how to survive in these cages before being released back into the wild, thank you.

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