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For the last three years in a row March 3rd has been THE day that the first baby squirrel orphans of the year have come in to our wildlife center. This year was no exception.

March 3rd, 2006 was once again the date of the first orphaned squirrel babies of the year!
Three beauties came in, from a kind gentleman who found them in the gutter, after the powerful windstorm last night. One was icy cold and the kind soul did his best to get her warm and active like the other two. Unfortunately, she was just too cold for her internal organs to keep functioning properly and despite our best attempts, she passed shortly after their arrival.

The surviving two babies are good and strong.
A boy and a girl. The girl has some bad bruising and a broken leg and tail, but the boy is almost untouched!

Aren’t they beautiful?
Squirrel Babies
Please be on the lookout for your local squirrels.
The Mothers will be more frantic than normal and more likely to engage in daredevil behavior to get what they need to take good care of their little babies.

If you find babies, please be sure to see if Mom is around. The best person to care for the babies is their mother. And believe me – baby squirrels are HARD to care for and Easy to kill with kindness. They eat special food (not cows milk) and eat a special way – if you feed them wrong they can die. If you find them and there is no mother around looking for them, please contact your local wildlife center as soon as possible. Or call me for advice:) 510-421-9897

Think good thoughts for these little ones!
And THANK YOU to David, for caring enough to drop everything to save these little guys!

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