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The fawns have been growing up too! They are almost ready to go to Bambi BootCamp, the next level of their rehabilitation back into the wild.

As infants, they need special care for the first few months of their lives. They need to be bottle-fed and hand-cared-for. Once they graduate from nursing and are totally eating solid food, they are ready to move to Bambi BootCamp where they will have an entire ACRE of wilderness to safely explore, in the middle of the wilds. They will have little contact with humans and be able to watch wild adult deer wandering around, doing wild things. There, they will stay for a few more months, before the gates are opened to them and they are able to live free and wild.

Please wish the Fawn Class of 2012 good luck as they move closer to this first transition.

1 day old Fawn orphan

3 day old Fawn orphan

2 day old fawn being fed by foster-volunteer Sutton Trout

Babies at 1 week of age

Getting bigger! 3 weeks old.

Now that they eat forage, we are helping prune all the City trees!

Special Thanks to Carl and the crew at Whole Foods Noe Valley for their greens donation – and their wonderful sign!

Special Thanks also to Alameda Natural Grocery for keeping everyone well fed!

…and not just the fawns!    http://www.alamedanaturalgrocery.com

Even with all this Forage they are still only 2 months old and still need to nurse.

But they are all getting big and ready for Bambi BootCamp very soon.


Thank you to foster volunteer Sutton Trout, transport volunteer Suzanne Stanton, and Stacy Johnson and her family, who are preparing Bambi BootCamp to welcome this Fawn Class of 2012 very soon.

Good work team!


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