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In partnership with Lisa Siewert and the San Francisco Unified School District, we had a wonderful Outdoor Adventure! Twelve kids plus their parents joined us for a talk and walk through Golden Gate Park to learn about the wildlife animals who lives there and explain the recent Beware Coyote signs. We had a wilderness hike and Treasure Hunt. We even saw a red tailed hawk land on a gopher just twenty feet from us! Here are some photos:

The Coyote signs are very important to raise awareness of the reality that there are families of Coyotes in Golden Gate Park and during the Spring baby season, we need to keep our dogs on leash and out of certain areas so as to not upset nesting mother coyotes. Our dogs are seen as a threat to their babies and they may respond aggressively to keep the babies safe. To avoid these confrontation, the City has installed these temporary trail closures and posted informative signs

Aside from learning about Coyotes, our students also went on a Wilderness treasure hunt. Among the many items they were asked to find, like a feather, they were asked to find something that is a mystery to them and something that is inspiring.

When this little boy chose this piece of charred wood as his “mystery” item, I was delighted. After explaining how it was made, we sat down and drew pictures with his piece of charcoal!

This young lady found a multicolored leaf that was quite inspiring, and also beautiful eucalyptus buttons sprouting the finest neon orange fur.

For my treasure hunt, as the item I found inspiring I chose this natural sculpture which is all that is left of an ancient tree.

It was a very fun and educational Outdoor Adventure.

Thank you to Lisa Siewert and the San Francisco Unified School District for facilitating and partnering with us for this excellent event. We look forward to the Fall when we can schedule more Outdoor Adventures!

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