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As the wildlife baby season comes to an end, our work switches focus to the everyday problems that come up with Wildlife trying to survive in our Urban world.
For example, yesterday we got a call from a kind woman who had taken her children to a local playground.

Trapped in a garbage can at the playground was an adult skunk, and because of the design of the metal locked garbage can, there was no way to tip the can to let it out.

The skunk was attracted to the smell of food in the can’s liner and climbed in, but was unable to climb out again due to the smooth sides of the plastic liner.
One of the moms at the playground had the presence of mind to call our wildlife center to ask for help for the skunk.
We were able to come out with a public works employee and unlock the can.


We removed the plastic liner that the skunk was trapped in, carried it to a bushy area and set it on it’s side.
The skunk, who had probably been in the can at least 1 day, shot out into the bushes and happily disappeared.

Skunks are extremely nearsighted and can only see about 15″ ahead of them. If you see a skunk coming your way, make noise so the skunk knows you are there. The skunk will NOT spray unless they fear for their lives or are startled. If you let the skunk know you are there, the skunk will avoid you and you will avoid startling the skunk and possibly getting sprayed.

Remember Mythbusters proved that the only way to remove the odor of Skunk is to neutralize the chemical reaction by using the following recipe:

1 quart 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
1 teaspoon liquid soap or dish detergent

So if you, your dog, or your house gets sprayed, use this formula to neutralize the smell. And if you get a chance to watch Mythbuster’s Skunk Defunct, it’s pretty fun.

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