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In the last 24 hours, we have received in the first of many spring wildlife orphans in need of care and support.

This baby opossum should be traveling through the world on Mama’s back, nursing inside her pouch, but instead, she was found by a Good Samaritan in Oakland and brought to the Oakland Animal Shelter. Now she is in care with us, warm and being fed. Soon others her age will come in and there will be a group of opossums who will grow up together as surrogate siblings.  For now, she cuddles into the wool sock that feels like Mama’s pouch tightly holding her.

This sweet little 7 day old baby squirrel fell from his nest into the middle of Mosswood Dog Park here in Oakland! A fast-moving Good Samaritan snatched him up before the dogs did and was unable to reunite him with his missing mother.  She rushed him up to us, where he is now cuddling in comfy fake-furs on a heating pad, recovering from injuries and bruising received from his fall out of a tall redwood tree. He is vocalizing and has a good appetite. He should recover well. No doubt very soon we will have others his age come in so he will have siblings to cuddle with during his time here in rehab.


For those of you following our Crisis of losing our facility, I want you to know that we have never shut our doors, throughout all of this. We have stayed open and available to orphaned and injured wildlife and the kind humans who save them. However, our time here is running out rapidly. We have run out of funds, equipping the new facility and we are not finished yet. Without more funds to buy materials, without more volunteers to mud, tape, build cages, and more, we won’t be ready for the upcoming evacuation deadline. We badly need help.

If you are interested in helping, we badly need monetary donations, as well as volunteers who have experience with sheetrocking, mudding, taping, painting, cage-building, and more. We need the help, but we also need funds so we can buy materials to build the new cages etc. I know times are tough all over, but if you have the ability, please keep us in mind. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you.

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