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We are STILL open and taking in new patients, despite the eminent eviction and relocation process.

This difficult weather has brought in a few new patients, like Miracle Boy Squirrel:

Miracle Boy Squirrel – This squirrel was found by a kind-hearted citizen who saw him laying at the side of the road after being hit by a car. She thought he was dead but as she watched, he moved! So she scooped him up and brought him to the Montclair Vet Hospital, where he was triaged and sent into care with us. He was bleeding out of his ear, which is very bad. It meant he was struck in the head and could have any manner of brain damage. For the first 2 days he was pretty much comatose. We gave him supportive care and waited.

On day 3, when we went in to check on him we found him sitting upright and looking at us! He ate and drank and went back to sleep.

Since that day he has been getting better and better. We feel that he will be releasable, given enough time to fully recover.

Can you imagine? A 2 pound furry creature being struck by a ton of fast-moving metal, and yet he is not only alive but actually minimally affected by his ordeal!! Truly amazing.

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