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Hello Everyone!

Just to give you all a brief update:   We have an extension on the Ellis-Act eviction until April of 2011. However, the landlady has raised our rent by 66%, from $1520 to $2500.  On September 21st 2010 we go to a hearing at the Rent Adjustment Board to determine if this rent increase is legal. The landlady is claiming that this house is exempt from all rent-limit laws due to the Costa-Hawkins ruling for the State of California.

We are hoping to have supporters attend our hearing. If you are available we would appreciate your support. I would rather wrestle an adult raccoon, but I will be there defending our wildlife center. Please join me if you can!

The hearing is at:

September 21st 2010, at 10am
250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite #5313, Oakland Ca
Case # T10-0085

We are STILL seeking legal assistance so if you know any tenant lawyers who like animals and helping grassroots nonprofits, PLEASE let us know!

Thank you for your support!

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