On Sunday, February 22nd, the Bay Area was immersed in a torrential storm. Rain. Wind. Even thunder in places. While the human world moved along, weathering the storm as best we can, a tragedy was unfolding in the squirrel world.

In a palm tree in Fremont, CA., 100 feet up into the storm’s wrath, the top of the tree whipped around in the angry wind. The violence was enough that, although built with great care and devotion, the nest of Mama Squirrel could not resist the call of gravity and was blown out of the protective fronds. Mama and her babies plummeted along with the nest into the street below.

By luck or Fate, at that very moment, passing underneath the palm tree were some children, hurrying home for dinner. They saw the nest drop, the frantic mother squirrel running in terror as the oncoming traffic threatened to destroy all she cared about. The children bravely retrieved the nest from the street. They wanted to leave it so Mama Squirrel could come take her babies back, but the rains were so intense. They went home and got a cardboard box and a tarp then hurried back to the nest. They placed the nest in the box, and put it back where the mother squirrel could find it.

Unfortunately, dusk was fast approaching. Squirrels know that when night comes, death stalks. A good squirrel is safe in their nest by dusk if they want to awaken to a new day. Mama Squirrel was unable to come back for her babies and must have retreated to nurse her injuries in a back-up nest somewhere nearby. Somehow, despite a nighttime marauder ripping away the rain tarp and tearing the nest apart, searching for a yummy snack, the little babies hidden in the depths of the squirrel nest survived the wet and wild night all alone.

By the next afternoon, the children had taken note that the babies were still in the nest and their mother called a friend who was a known animal lover. This friend, Cathi, retrieved the babies, and with the help of her son’s warm hands, proceeded to revive these little ones with warmth and care. Once they were looking viable, she made the long drive to Oakland and placed them into care with us.

Now, 24 hours later, they are rehydrated, and recovering, enjoying a warm incubator and regular meals and some cuddles.

These little ones, so new to the world, were only 20 hours old, or so, when they lost their mother. They are so young that their fingers are still fused and their ears still flat against their transparent skin, a sign of being newly born to the world. Yet somehow they survived long enough for humans to step in to help.

There is a boy and a girl, and at intake, they weighed 15 and 14 grams in weight. (The birthweight of a newborn Fox Squirrel is 14grams.) Their injuries are mainly bruises from the fall and are healing with amazing speed. Because they are so young, they are technically still in critical condition and will remain so until they are 20grams in weight. They are on round-the-clock feedings until they are over 20grams.

I will post updates when I can.

Thank you to the families who went out of their way to save these little beauties.


  1. Hello Cathi and Angela!
    Just wanted to give you and your families an update on Jaden and Claire. They are still quite small but are very strong and fiesty. They have an older brother to nuzzle now as well. I have high hopes for their full recovery, given enough time and good nutrition. They are still being fed round the clock every 2 hours (ugggh) and are still with me.

    Thank you again for your kindness and caring action of watching out for our wild neighbors when they were in trouble!

  2. Hi Lila,
    I’m Cathi’s neighbor, my kids are the ones who saw the nest fall out of the tree. How are the baby squirrels doing?

    Thanks for taking care of them!

  3. Hi Lila,
    Great pic! Loved the story too. So glad the babes are doing so well. My son came up with names. He wants Jaden for the boy and Claire for the girl. Oh, my friend Angela would like you to consider her yard for releasing the babies. She has acorn trees and a fairly big lot size with no dogs or cats. Let us know what you think. Thanks for taking care of these little ones. You are an angel for the work you do!! God bless you!
    Cathi and Blake Brown