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This hawk was found in East Oakland, sitting in a backyard on the ground. The residents who found him didn’t know who to call to report that he was in trouble so they watched him for a couple of days while they hunted for a contact number for someone who could help. By the end of day two they had been given my phone number and spoke with me.

The hawk had been on the ground for the first couple days. he then was able to jump/fly up to the fence and then into a tree. When I spoke with the residents, I expressed concern because I do not have equipment to retrieve birds from trees and it was already so late in the day that it was getting dark. We hoped he would be OK til morning and agreed to talk the next day.
The following day the Hawk had managed to climb up to the rooftop of a warehouse. The residents banded together and agreed to take action to save this hawk. They got into the warehouse, went up to the rooftop and threw a blanket over the hawk. The hawk flipped onto his back, in a defensive posture and grabbed the blanket with his very sharp talons. The residents were able to then bundle him up in the blanket and get him safely into a carrier. They called me and I went to pick him up and get him to the Vet.

Montclair Veterinary Hospital treats all our wildlife patients, squirrel and hawk alike. They examined our hawk and found him to be malnourished and with a compromised wing. He needed cage rest and to be fed up.

During his cage-rest, we determined that his wing was broken. He had a head injury and swelling, and one of his toes was also broken. 2 weeks of cagerest and regular meals did wonders for his recovery. He was ready to try flying again so he was moved to the OHS wildlife center in Fremont. They have an excellent flight cage and caregiver, David, at OHS Wildlife. The hawk had another thorough exam. His wing was Xrayed and was healing well. 2 weeks later he was ready for release!

He was driven back to Oakland and released in an area close to where he was found.

He flew over the hills, up the air currents, higher and higher with obvious delight at his freedom and ability.

We feel confident he will live long and well now that he is recovered.

Thank you to A.J and the Residents of 79th Ave, who saved this beautiful bird. Thank you to Montclair Veterinary Hospital for treating him. Thank you to Jenny and Diana and Lois for ongoing support and advice. And Thank You to David Anderson (and OHS Wildlife) for his 24/7 dedication and care.

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