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We received our first baby raccoons for 2009 today.

In normal years, baby raccoons start coming in around late April.

These beautiful 5 orphans are about 10-15 days old.  Their mother was trapped and exterminated for trespassing in an attic. She left behind her cozy nest with 5 hungry babies in it.

Unfortunately it is all too common for pest control companies to trap and kill wildlife instead of solving the real problem that is attracting the wild animal into our homes. In this case the raccoon was looking for a warm quiet place to give birth and raise her babies. An attic is perfect for that. She found a hole and moved in. To solve this problem, the hole needs to be sealed so animals cannot get into the attic. Trapping the animal does not solve the problem, but it does earn hundreds of dollars for the trapper. No matter that these beautiful babies were left behind to die from starvation and cold. No matter that as soon as it is discovered that this nice quiet attic is empty, a new raccoon will move in, which will make more $$$ for the trapper.  The ones who suffer are the animals – and the customers, who believe they are solving their problem but really aren’t.

Please, if you have a wildlife problem and want to trap wildlife, call Good Riddance – a Humane Wildlife Exclusion company, instead of calling the trappers. Good Riddance costs much less and will actually SOLVE your problem instead of a quick temporary fix that costs lots in $$ and in lives.  Good Riddance can be reached at: (415) 342-7956.

Now we have these sweet little ones and will do our best to raise them. However, the cost of raising these 5 orphaned baby raccoons will be several hundreds of dollars in food and supplies. As we run completely on donations (which have practically stopped with the economic crisis) we hope that someone will step up to sponsor these sweet little ones.

These babies are in the capable and caring hands of our volunteers at Rancho Raccoon, our wonderful raccoon team. You can read more about these sweet babies on the Rancho Raccoon blog, “The Treehouse”,  at: http://ranchoraccoon.wordpress.com/


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