Star, the Bearded Dragon

Remember Star? The malnourished bearded dragon with the beginnings of MBD who was kept in a tiny, unfurnished 10 gallon tank with improper care her entire life? She has been adopted!!! Now she is the center of attention for a family of 4 humans and she is soaking it up. All the insects and leafy green salad she can eat while being doted on – a perfect happy ending to her rescue tale. Here is her backstory:

Star is a sub-adult Bearded Dragon a little over 1 year old, who was kept in a very small unfurnished 10 gallon enclosure for the past year. Since being purchased as a juvenile at PetCo, Star has received poor husbandry and diet, and as a result has mild malnutrition and Metabolic Bone Disease, which our veterinarian feels will be resolved with proper husbandry and diet. Star is VERY active and needs room to move around and climb. Star needs a large enclosure with lots of furniture to climb, with a human experienced in Bearded Dragon care, who can handle Star frequently to satisfy that wanderlust and endless curiosity.

Here are pictures of Star in her new home!