Our wildlife rehab organization sometimes gets in exotic pets that have been mistaken for wildlife. In these situations we first try to find the original home. But if that isn’t possible, once these animals are stable, we can adopt them out. We also get in pets who are surrendered to us because the original home cannot care for the animal or meet it’s needs. When this happens we stabilize the animal until it is healthy and able to be rehomed. Sometimes this takes weeks. Often, in the case of reptiles, this can take years.

When applying for adoption, you will be asked to:

  • Send pictures of indoor/outdoor enclosures/habitats
  • List your experience with caring for similar type animals
  • explain why you want to adopt these special souls who have been through so much and now deserve a comfortable life.
  • Pay a rehoming fee to show that you are serious.

Please note: a site visit may be required.

On our “Forever Homes Needed” page you can read about some former patients who are now ready for their Forever Home. If you are interested in applying for adoption, please send the requested information listed under each animal you want to adopt to adoptions@yuwr.org