“To a person uninstructed in natural history, his country or seaside stroll is a walk through a gallery filled with wonderful works of art, nine-tenths of which have their faces turned to the wall.” 

-Thomas H. Huxley

Wild Oakland (Now CCNH) is dedicated to providing free environmental education to urban adults.  Our programs welcome all ages, but the target demographic is Oakland residents ages 18-99.

Our ultimate objective is to foster “biophilia”, the instinctive attraction all humans have to living systems.  Our hope is that people who attend these walks will make more sustainable choices in life because they develop a greater respect for their local environment.

In a world where over half the population now lives in cities, many adults have very limited knowledge of nature, either of it’s systems or the flora and fauna that share space with them.  Wildness is right here in the city, not just in Yosemite or a far away place that one has to take time off work to get to.

WildOakland started out as the Educational brainchild of our intern, Constance Taylor, but has since expanded into the California Center for Natural History. We are proud to have them as part of our Education Team. Please check out the California Center for Natural History at: http://calnature.org/