The San Francisco Bay Area has some of the toughest inner-cities in America, we believed that having a wildlife center is important, not only for the orphaned and injured wildlife in need, but for the children of the City.  We have found that the same kids who come to us from their tough, urban environment, rife with gangs and violence, open up to a baby animal in need in a way that is heart-warming and one of the sustaining rewards of this job. Our hope is that some small fire of compassion, care, and a belief that their efforts can make a difference, has been kindled in the hearts and minds of these young people, that will stay with them and guide them throughout their lives, encouraging them to be more compassionate individuals and more dedicated environmentalists.

We know that all of the kids who come through here have carried away with them a deeper understanding and respect for life and the environment we all live in. They have a better understanding that the world would be an empty place if we continue to allow environmental destruction and species extinction. We believe that when we provide these young people with an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the wonderful creatures that inhabit dwindling wilderness areas in and around cities, they acquire a direct understanding that the solutions to environmental problems are in their very own hands.  We believe that this reinforces textbook and classroom education on these vital subjects in ways that will influence this next generation of potential conservationists throughout their lives.

We currently have two education programs:

Outdoor Adventures for Kids (OAK)

The OAK Program is an opportunity for elementary school-aged children to venture into our local Parks to learn about the flora and fauna who live there.

California Center for Natural History (formerly Wild Oakland)

CCNH or Wild Oakland is dedicated to providing free environmental education to urban adults. Our programs welcome all ages, but the target demographic is Oakland residents ages 18-99. Please check our schedule to join us for a walk!